Loft conversions are increasingly popular and are very desirable, however, as with all home improvements its essential to consider so important things, for loft conversions there are a solid three things you should ask yourself.

Is you home able to handle a loft conversion?

It may seem weird to ask this question, but a loft conversion is likely to take its toll on your home during the process. The extra weight added means you will have to check the quality of the flooring and the roofing to ensure that your home is structurally sound enough to begin a conversion.

Is there ample headroom?

Before you start a loft conversion you need to ensure theres enough head room, if you need to crouch in your loft, then there isn’t enough room. The idea is to add to your home and lowering the floor to gain more room in the loft would been lowering the ceilings in your upstairs rooms which ultimately becomes counterintuitive.

Does your plan fit with Building Regulations?

While you don’t always need planning permission, your plan will need to be approved by a regulatroy body. A well considered design will take out a lot of risk from the job and as such its worth reading up on current regulations before putting together your plan.

You will also need to contact neighbours if your house is semi-detached as part of the Party Wall Act of 199. it is the duty of your building control officer and yourself to make sure each stage is inspected and completed correctly.